Orme di Vite - Vivai Fratelli Nicola
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Orme di Vite project

VIVAI F.LLI NICOLA S.S.A joined the  Vignaioli Piemontesi circuit which, through its technical structure, has worked for the improvement of the quality of products offered by its members.

Following some inspections at the company by highly skilled and competent operators, we got the ORME DI VITE label, which is a guarantee for Thermotherapy and raw material traceability, thus giving visibility to the process that involves all aspects of production and raw materials.

This type of label, in addition to tracing the production lot of rooted cuttings, proves the use of thermotherapy.

The goal of VIVAI F.LLI NICOLA for a real improvement of production aspects is to make the process of identification of raw materials (scions and rootstocks) more visible, from the very first stages of production, that is pruning and cleaning, up to thermotherapy and grafting.

The entire production system undergoes formal checks, as proved by the relevant documents.

This way we can reconstruct the “history” of the Barbatella Tracciata e Termoterapizzata (BVT), from its creation to its growth at the nursery, selection and packaging, until the rooted cutting is planted in the vineyard.

This label requires compliance with the requirements of technical specifications, issued every year for the entire production and thermotherapy process and to which Vignaioli Piemontesi shall refer during audits.

So, in 2007 we chose to give visibility to the path that involves raw materials and all aspects of production for traced rooted cuttings which underwent thermotherapy, thus setting specific production rules for the ORME DI VITE LABEL.

ORME DI VITE production certification was obtained in July 2009. The first campaign bearing the white ORME DI VITE label and the SGS-ITALIA PRODUCT CERTIFICATION logo was that of 2009-2010.