Thermotherapy - Vivai Fratelli Nicola
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About ten years ago, VIVAI F.LLI NICOLA S.S.A was among the first nursery companies to test thermotherapy on 9,000 vine plants, thanks to a collaboration with the University of Turin and the team of Professor Marco Mannini, who started a research project together with  Vignaioli Piemontesi , on the application of thermotherapy to the vine nursery industry.
The company, since then, has never ceased to apply the treatment which has provided, and continues to provide health and quality guarantees.
They treated material is labelled with the “Orme di vite” brand, which is a further guarantee of product quality.
The thermo-therapy bath at 50° lasts about an hour, including pre-heating at about 30° for 15 minutes, in order to avoid thermal shocks which could be counterproductive for the development of the plant.

The machine, called “Modello Piemontese” is different from other model (especially the model manufactured in France),  in particular for its pre-heating tank and for the sophisticated touch screen computer system constantly monitoring the treatment trends that also prints the results, then analysed by experts to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment.
Every year, at the rooted cutting nursery, competent and specialised professionals from the phyto-regional service of the Regione Piemonte, nursery control division, perform checks on the plants to search for any symptoms and,  since VIVAI F.LLI NICOLA S.S.A has started using thermotherapy on rooted cutting components, they have never encountered any sign or symptom of phytoplasmas or parasites.
This is proven and certified by inspection reports issued by the Regione Piemonte.